We’ve hit the packing wall. Nearly 700 books have been ISBN scanned into our new virtual library (please make this worthwhile, find us on Goodreads and borrow our books!!), clothes are packed away, walls bare. We’re eating through the freezer stash and trying to use up last bits of open bottles and jars. Every night we come home, make a packing attack plan over dinner, then waste the rest of the evening puttering around with projects/watching netflix/apartment searching (me) or thesis writing (drew) to avoid the inevitable. We. Must. Pack.

But, after three weeks of thoughtful, romantic packing, putting each book gently in puzzle place, wrapping picture frames snug in old quilts, reorganizing craft supplies and labeling everything with brightly colored sticky notes…this is what we’ve got:

So. 9 days. Don’t worry Rob and Bonnie, your arrival is perhaps the biggest (and only) motivation I’ve got left at this point. We’ll be ready for you! And for anyone else who stumbles upon this new little blog: may this put to rest any delusions that I’m some sort of accomplished homemaker. Any credit for packed boxes and cleanliness (none of which is visible in the picture, I know. But the rest of the house is relatively in order!) goes to Drew.  I’m an excellent maker of lists, of baked goods, but also of messes. I’m an accomplished procrastinator (“oh, I have to write tonight Drew! I’ve been itching to put something up for ages!”) who sees that now it’s bedtime (oh darn) and the boxes will have to wait for tomorrow. 
But then, just 8 days! 


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