Team Woodland

A new blog for this new season.

the name:
Drew and I have taken to calling ourselves “team woodland” and imagining a family of our furry footed children padding along a forest path (or city sidewalk…) in the not too far off future! 🙂 Basically, in case you didn’t catch on: “wood” from my family name, “land” from Drew’s. If it weren’t such a hassle and cost to change our name and documents again, I’d take on this morph in a heartbeat!

the land
After two years in Toronto, it’s back to Chicago we go! In this in-between season for Drew while he sorts out PhD options and while I wonder at what meaningful work I should commit to, we’re heading back to the place our love first blossomed. Conveniently, Drew also got a job at our favorite alma mater, so we won’t have to rely on our love to keep us warm through a chicago winter. He’s sneaking in hours of work on two syllabi for philosophy courses this fall, welcoming the change of pace from the feverish thesis writing that he’s mostly surrendered to since finishing classes in April. He’ll also be working part time doing development work for the Institute for Christian Studies, the wonderful place that has been his home and our reason for trekking up to Toronto two years ago. I’m hopeful to find meaningful work somewhere in the realm of community development as we settle into making a home in the south suburbs.

the burbs
That’s right. The burbs. I’m already feeling nostalgic for the city and we haven’t even left it yet! We’ll miss public transit, living walking distance from friends, quirky shops and culture but I’m excited about learning to make a life in the South Suburbs of Chicago. We hope to settle somewhere nearish to Trinity so we can practice participating in the life of a college as community members and supporters. I’m also excited about finding ways to practice simplicity and slow living even in the land of big box stores and SUV’s.

simple living
One of the most wonderful things about our home in Toronto has been our shared backyard garden. We weren’t able to plant anything besides a bit of herbs this year because of our mid-season move but I’m hopeful about re-creating last year’s harvest via container or community gardening wherever our new home might be! We have resigned ourselves to buying a car for our suburban life, assuming job commutes, doctors visits, day trips and the like will require access to a vehicle. But, we hope to continue bike commuting if possible and plan to make good use of the gorgeous forest preserves that cover large swaths of south Chicagoland. Finding a small, nearby community of believers to learn from and worship alongside is at the top of our to-do list this fall. We learned over and over the beauty and joy of walking-alongside friendships here in Toronto and we look forward to diving into similar community in our new neighborhood. We also look forward to extending our home to friends and family, near and far for shared meals and shared space. Nothing feels quite as wonderful as laughing around the kitchen table over good food with those we love most and we look forward to hosting you soon!

Even though we’ll be closer (distance wise) to just about everyone but those dear friends we’re leaving behind, we thought this could be a useful tool to help us share not just the day-to-day adventures of settling into a new season of life but also the reflections of our two introspective selves. You know us, we have more than enough thoughts to think and it’s good practice to put some periods on our sentences and toss them out for the world to see. We hope it might be a neutral space for us to share some of the more confusing questions we’re sorting through as we press into the unknown expanse of the way ahead for us and how we’re growing in processing them together. Team Woodland! We’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback on those posts, we keep you good people close at hand for your wisdom and love and we’re always in need of it! 🙂


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