July happenings

I have so much to catch up on!

We spent the month traveling and visiting with both our families before we trekked down to Georgia to celebrate J.C. and Ellie’s wedding. It was such a refreshing season of rest, of time together to digest all that happened in Toronto and to dig into all our hopes and fears about with this new season will bring. There was job searching and a writing club for me and thesis writing and mandolin playing for Drew and it was all very surreal, to be given the gift of a “summer vacation”. The space and time gave us an opportunity to dig into some of the messier parts of our marriage but also the goodness of laughing and relaxing together and letting the mess be. It was so good.

Here’s a peek at our month!

First up, a wild three weeks with the Woodroofs.

Dad got home a few days before we flew in and it was so good to be with everyone–sans Nate ūüė¶ ¬†–before the big move! We threw a birthday party for my parents with our fellowship group from church. Celebrating the big 5-0!

Birthday Brunch for Mom (with plenty of mimosas!)

“Chin’s together”? ?

Me and Gabe 

and the charming husband

 It took about 15 tries to get a good shot of these two, 
we ended up with mom sitting in a chair and Ben 
kneeling on the floor so they could be the same height!

 real life woodroof family photos
I love this one!

After Dad left for another month in Paris, Drew and I tried to help with the packing/cooking/cleaning/general chaos management. On her actual birthday, we threw another party!

mmmm spring rolls!

How many people can say they’ve seen the symphony in left field?
Mom’s birthday request was to attend a Summer Symphony concert and it was a great time! People were dressed the gamut from fancier symphony going attire to usual stadium garb. And I ate a soft pretzel with cheese to the sounds of Copland and Williams. ¬†

Classical Americana and embroidery. A perfect night!
(at least, until the thunderheads rolled in with hail and lightening…)

Drew rented a mandolin for the month and got pretty good at it!

I posted a short video of he and Gabe jamming on Facebook, check it out!

How does this always happen to us? 
We arrived by PLANE with two suitcases
…we left upgraded to an SUV so it all fit.¬†

It was a pretty tearful goodbye, 
wondering when or if we’d all be in that house again together.¬†
I have shamefully few photos of our week in Iowa and Georgia. I attribute this to the fact that we were far to busy relaxing, eating good food and hanging out with family to be tied to the camera! While we were in Iowa we got to help a little with the basement makeover, readying it for the newlyweds. There were lots of relaxing afternoons and evenings on the beautiful porch, a coffee/thrifting date for Bonnie and I and even a thesis reading by the professor-to-be.

We had super early morning flights on thursday so Rob thoughtfully booked us a hotel near the airport in Omaha. The 4:30am wake up was still pretty rough. ūüôā We met up with the Hoskins at the airport in Atlanta and bumped into several of Ellie’s aunts and her sister! We caravanned down to Ft. Benning, dropped our bags and headed out for an evening with the happy couple, where we feasted on delicious salads, homemade bread and sandwiches (for the girls, by the talented chef Bonnie MacGregor) and greasy burgers (for the men).¬†

On Friday I finally got to meet Terri, Kara and Matt and see Carol for the first time in close to two decades! We had lunch at a little restaurant in Calloway Gardens, atop some beautiful rolling hills in the countryside. It was lovely!

Yes. This is the only photo I managed to get at the wedding. Shameful. I’m still trying to get over the awkwardness of snapping photos at fancy events. But, it was a GORGEOUS chapel with an incredible ¬†vaulted circular ceiling and ornate wood carvings on the pews and walls. After the wedding we enjoyed a reception full of Van’t Land and Hoskins relatives, it felt a bit like a family reunion! (At least for this girl who’s never been to one!)¬†After we sent the bride and groom off and cleaned up the reception hall, we celebrated Bonnie’s birthday with pizza and floats and crammed the whole crew into the hotel breakfast nook. Such fun!

We had an early Monday departure with the hopes of getting to our storage unit for overnight supplies before it closed at 7, but it was not to be! There was a mysterious missing of the exit for I-80 which led to an hour long detour to the south…and an hour back north accompanied by the soothing voices of NPR radio hosts to help us (me) chill out and take it all in stride. We missed out on a night with Mark and Kendra in the city but we got to sleep in our new place a bit earlier which was strange and exciting and roach-riddled. But that is a story for the next post!

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