15 weeks and some flutters!

Wow. Drew and I are in awe and so full of gratitude for all of the love and encouragement from all of you about our big news! It helps this crazy turn of events to feel a little more real when we can share our joy and begin daydreaming about what’s to come. I can hardly wait until we’ve got two sweet babies to pass around for snuggles and love!

Still, even in the midst of all this excitement, life continues to rush forward. This week found us consumed with with car troubles (anybody looking to sell a mid-sized sedan or station wagon? We might be in the market…), midterms, crazy days at work and general mayhem. We’re trying to practice rest and pursue peace, taking it one day at a time but we have so much to learn. I’m grateful, in some small way, that we have these months to prepare and practice how to be a good team, and love each other well before the added chaos of sleepless nights and crying little ones. What an adventure we have embarked upon!

A little update on my bump (because pregnant bellies are freaky and fascinating and because my far-away mother has requested pictures) : I am trying to remind myself that I’m the smallest I’ll be for the next 5 months but it is so strange to see how much my belly grows in a short week! The photo I posted to our blog post last week was from somewhere during my 13 weeks, here’s a shot from today:

I read online tonight that our little beans are roughly four inches long… which, again, is so small compared to what they’ll be a month from now, but I’m having such hard time really grasping that notion. One of those baby websites suggested my babies are each the size of an apple and I suppose after looking again at this photo, I can start to picture it! 
Last night I think I may have felt the first little flutters of their kicks and squirms! I can’t really be sure, what I feel is so light and bizarre, almost like bubbles popping against my insides; but I’m holding onto the hope that it’s little arms and legs and not gas. 🙂
I’m getting lots of good sleep and my pal Zofran is helping me make the most of my days. Drew is keeping me well fed with lots of healthy meals, although I’m finding it hard to eat very much at a time the more my organs get squished around. Snacking a little bit at a time all day long seems to be doing the trick. 
At church this Sunday, we got to chat with a friend who is 25 weeks along with her little ones. She told us all about about her great OB who works out of a mixed OB/midwife practice. He’s totally supportive of delivering as naturally as possible; it sounds like he may be a wonderful option if our next ultrasound reveals that we’ll be ineligible for care with our current midwives. We still have a week and half before we’ll know anything more, but I’m getting excited at the prospect of learning their genders at that appointment!


4 thoughts on “15 weeks and some flutters!

  1. Julianne – so exciting! I can't believe we sent you on your way just a few months ago. Its hard to believe that two real apple-size babies grew since then 🙂 Congratulations to you both (or all four?)

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