a wild start to our christmas rest

Happy Christmas friends far and near!

Drew and I hope you are all settled into cozy homes with those you love most and looking forward to days of rest and good food. We sure are!

After a lovely, leisurely visit from Adam and Hannah Perez this week and a wonderful Christmassy brunch/liturgy workshop/morning of conversations with the Mattson family, Drew and I were ready to dive into our Woodland Christmasing plans. Knowing we’ll be spending the next week or so celebrating with Drew’s family in Iowa, we had planned for a low key couple of days, sharing gifts and good food, skyping with my family as they gather for the first ever Woodroof Family French Christmas, and general lazing about and watching christmas movies.

Apparently, this sort of relaxing schedule did not suit our baby boy who spent most of Saturday afternoon pummeling the inside of my already bruised and fractured ribcage (who knew coughs could do so much damage!), setting off an epic muscle spasm. Darling child. After a few hours, the pain and spasms began to look a little too contraction-like for comfort so we took off for the ER. I was braced for an evening in the waiting room, I had no idea what sort of perks a pregnant belly affords when it comes to waiting in line! Within about five minutes we were whisked up to the labor and delivery unit and checked into our room. After a few tense minutes, heartbeats were found and we all breathed a sigh of relief. We learned that our little girl has flipped again to be head-down, which may be why her brother has looked for a new punching bag. I guess she had had enough! Once I had a chance to more fully explain the pain I had been feeling and how it seemed to just be an intensification of the soreness and pain I had been feeling for several days, the OB began to worry this might be a symptom of a blood clot.

Cue the freak out.

Thankfully, after several hours of blood tests, ultrasounds and even a lung scan that involved an injection of radioactive fluid (!! As we watched my lungs light up on her screen, I asked the tech if my babies would be glowing too, she assured me they’d be fine…), we were told everything came back normal, although my blood work was a bit off. The OB discharged us around 3am with directions to follow up with our regular doctors soon and we fell into bed, reclaiming our lazy sleep-in morning. Take that, little man!

After about 24 hours, the muscles in my ribs finally stopped their involuntary spasms and I’m feeling much better. We were told it can take 3-6 weeks for ribs to heal and until then, most twisting/bending/deep breathing movements cause quite a bit of pain. Luckily, lounging on the couch while listening to Drew play christmas carols is a completely pain-free event! 🙂

Anyway. All that drama to say: it was such  humbling weekend. As we rushed out of our apartment we were joking this was good practice for labor, but we were completely unprepared for the concern of ER doctors that we might very well be meeting our little squirmers before we were discharged from the hospital. I’m so thankful that they’re still safely tucked inside, hopefully for several months more. This renewed sense of the fragility of their small lives feels equally beautiful and terrifying. However incompetent I feel to be carrying these little ones, it’s startling to remember that even as much as they’ve grown and for all their movements, my body is the only place they can thrive right now. So humbling.

And now, we look forward to a long week of family time and lots of rest. Hopefully the kiddos will cooperate!

Here’s a smattering of pictures from our last week or so:

A chicago friend cleared up this mystery: Santa and his fire-truck elves were making their way around the neighborhood, sirens blaring, handing out bags of treats!

My new all-natural constipation remedy. 🙂

Pregnancy insomnia isn’t all bad. So many beautiful wintery sunrises this week!

Drew pulled out this dapper cap this week, one he inherited from my grandfather!

And here we are: 23 weeks and ready to burst!

Can there really be 3 more months ahead??

*If you’re interested in reading a bit more reflection on our baby scare and the questions I’m pondering this Advent-tide, I’ve decided to save those thoughts for my old blog. You can find it here.


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