week 29 in pictures

Carpal tunnel has become a constant companion this week which means just about anything requiring my hands has become a challenge. So: a week of pictures with brief captions!
We continue to receive unexpected and generous gifts from friends and family, these great car seats will take our twins through toddlerhood! Plus, I’ve become well acquainted with our awesome UPS man who now carries all our packages up two flights of stairs to my apartment door. Amazing. 
This is my view most days (will the snow ever stop?!) from my perch on the couch. I’m finding it harder and harder to stay sane while cooped up all day, especially as my mobility and energy decrease. Any tips for these long last weeks? Our latest ultrasound revealed two big babies who total between  7 and 8 lbs together, our little lady has already dropped low and her brother seems more than ready to bust out. Needless to say, we three are a weary bunch!
There’s less of this happening each day, but I was excited to start a bitty newborn hat. Any tips on knitting with numb fingers? 
Drew and I took a quick trip to IKEA to stock up on a few organizing necessities and actually managed to stick to our list.
Which is remarkable restraint considering all the room we have in the trunk of this beauty: our new-to-us car!
We snagged a great deal on a Mazda 5. It’s sort of a mini minivan or large wagon, perfect for a twin stroller and all the other necessities for our family of four. A definite upgrade from the tiny hatchback ford focus!
On Saturday, Kendra, Liz, Kelsey and Kayla came over for a shower/work day. It was wonderful.  They let me sort through baby clothes….
…while they tackled this mess. Yikes. Somehow they found places for everything and convinced us to purge the junk we didn’t need. 
Kelsey made these adorable (and delicious!) sugar cookies. 🙂
It was so good to just hang out and goof around like old times. 
Later in the afternoon I got some help with a mobile idea I’ve been wanting to try. 
Balancing the hoops took for-ev-er. 
 I love how it turned out!
Now I just need some ideas for the rest of our white walls…
And the belly pics. I’ve reached a point where my regular maternity clothes no longer cover the bump. 

 There’s about a 4 inch gap between the bottom of the shirt and the start of my pants. BUT! Giant belly = thighs and butt that at long last look totally proportionate! 😉
And since my shirts can’t cover it anyway, I figured I may as well document the monstrosity in all its glory. Check out that belly button! And the stretch marks which I actually find really beautiful. Incredibly itchy, yes. But also really amazing. I can hardly believe my body can make so much room for these little people. Wild. 
Still, this is how I feel most of the time. Holy Moly. T-9 weeks to induction day…
But. My fingers are numb. More to come next week!

One thought on “week 29 in pictures

  1. I cannot believe our bodies do this. I mean, I've seen pictures of my mom when she was pregnant with twins, but WE can do this?! I thought that was a last-generation thing.

    So exciting, Julianne! I love all the pictures!

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