werljoisdf. sorry. numb fingers. week 30: more pictures!

30 was a busy week!
Sick of wearing the same 5 outfits, I tried to squeeze into a pre-maternity dress for Nikki’s wedding. It was a little scary and thank goodness for leggings.
Then Ben flew in to take the focus back to Colorado and after much begging, we convinced him to spend the night. 

 Which was awesome and full of girly wine, ice cream and olympics. 

 Drew and I celebrated Valentines with a matinee of Frozen and a fondue dinner in. Pretty much perfection.

 Four years together seems an impossibly short time for all the adventures we’ve squeezed in. And to think of all the adventure in the year ahead! 

On Saturday some wonderful women from church hosted a shower for me. I was so proud of myself for finding another pre-pregnancy dress to squeeze into but realized I’m now too wide for selfies in our mirror. Can’t win them all. 

Being celebrated for having a giant belly is a pretty great thing, especially with such thoughtful, wise and lovely women! I am so overwhelmed by their kindness and generosity, our cloth diaper stash is now complete and our little nursery corner is overflowing with gifts that will be put to good use in the not too distant future. 🙂

After a bit of a scare this week not feeling baby girl move very much and an emotional day of ultrasounds and doctors visits, I’m feeling both so thankful to have them still tucked inside and growing but also all the more eager to be done with this season of life and into the chaos of babies in our arms! It seems her lack of movements are likely caused by how low she’s dropped, while he continues to be a wild child, bouncing around pretty much non-stop. His latest trick involves standing on my pelvis while trying to push his head through the skin near my ribs. Little monster.
We learned in the ultrasound that both babies are back on track for similar weights and weigh in around 4 lbs each! It will certainly give them a good start if they do come a bit early.  I’m starting to have pretty intense braxton hicks contractions just about anytime I move which gives me hope that they’re running out of room in there and it won’t be too many more weeks to go! 

After the shower I asked Drew to take a few photos before I ditched the dress for my sweats. I think he managed to capture the range of emotions I’m feeling most days. 🙂


“but really. when will this be over?”

“four more weeks? minimum? you’ve got to be joking”

“please make it stop. they are so heavy I literally can’t stand upright anymore.”

“right. just grin and bear it. what’s four more weeks after enduring 30!”
So. Much. Belly.
Week 31 will have us busy packing up the apartment for an unexpected but timely move out of our current place. We’ve finally reached a breaking point with lousy neighbors and are hopeful about finding a safer, more cozy place to bring these little babies home. We’re still on the hunt, so if you would like to pray we’d find something for a march 1st move in, we would be grateful!

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