full term!

Monday marked 36 weeks and FULL TERM for these kiddos. Not that they seem the least bit interested in vacating their crowded home. Every day I tell them it’s a great day to be born and that we’ll celebrate it every year with cake and balloons but they aren’t budging. Maybe they’re waiting around for spring to show up. (please! how many more snowy mornings must we wake up to Chicago? It’s almost April!) Pregnancy continues to delight with fun new symptoms like scary swollen feet (snow or no snow, it’s gotta be flip flops from here on out!), PUPPS (google at your own risk), and general nausea/flu-ness. So lovely. Dear future self: remember this looooonnnng season. Do not be distracted by the cute photos and memories of newborn snuggles. You are not loving or patient enough to endure this again!

The good news is that I’m s l o w l y dilating, so far up to 4cm which might make the actual event a bit of a quicker process than if I was starting from zero. Then again, it’s been weeks of contractions to get us to this point so it doesn’t really feel like we’re progressing very quickly. In any event, today at our appointment we scheduled our induction for April 7th so hopefully that will be the end of this mayhem and the twins can share a birthday week with their daddy!

We met with our childbirth educator/doula Liz this week to talk about the birth and how she can support us through it and I’m so grateful for her wisdom and help. Although we’ll have midwives and our OB present for delivery, she will stay with us for the entire labor and check in on us once we’re home with the babies. Because there are so many extras with this delivery (continuous monitoring, limited mobility, mandatory epidural catheter, delivery in the OR), it will be such a gift to have someone who can think outside the box about how to manage contractions and pain and help labor progress as naturally and smoothly as possible.

My Dad got to visit for a long weekend after a business trip to the Springs and we waddled around Costco and Super Target for hours trying to get these kids out. No such luck. But, we had a wonderful couple of days eating like kings and queens (the Woodroof family has developed quite a palette while living in france!), working on projects around the apartment and talking through the mounting anticipation of the craziness ahead. It was so good and such a luxury. I think the last time my dad and I had time alone together we were driving across the midwest to check out this little liberal arts college in the southwest suburbs of Chicago. Crazy to think that, just 7 years later, I’m married to a pretty awesome guy who teaches there and we call that community home!

I can only guess at where we will find ourselves 7 years from now…with two kids in first grade!

Drew hanging some decorations in the twins’ corner. Someday I’ll get around to take photos of the rest of the apartment!

I pulled this sweater out one day thinking it might still fit. And it did, sort of, if belly coverage is optional. It’s kind of hard to imagine how that used to hit at my hips!

Annnnnd this is why I can’t drive anymore. I had to lean the seat back and drive with my toes to make this possible. Not so safe.  

Just when I think it can’t possibly get any bigger. Also. Kids, come out. Your mama is SO SICK of wearing the same two outfits every day. 

Luckily, Dad came bearing gifts of french chocolates. so. good. 

Love you Daddy!

Hopefully the next post I write will feature the little faces of our two favorite tiny people!

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