week one in pictures

We’ve been home since the early hours of Saturday morning and it has been a long weekend full of cuddles and cries, sleepless nights and afternoon naps and lots of love from family and friends. I’m hoping to write out the twins birth story over the coming days (or weeks…), but until then, here’s a photo recap of our first week as a family of four. 🙂
One last belly shot on our way to the induction. 
And 23 hours later… our bundles of twin love!

I was pretty out of it after the surgery but our OB told me later that the twins, all swaddled together, were licking each others faces on their way back from the nursery. In all the chaos of their birth I love that they had each other to cling to until they were back in our arms. 🙂

Great Grandma and Grandpa Hoskins were the first visitors!

This was a rare sight in our room, most sleeping happened in the hour just after dawn when sheer exhaustion forced the kids to conk out. 

We delivered at a community hospital in Oak Park and I had never seen the skyline from this angle. It was just gorgeous at night.

This guy. Baby soother extraordinaire. 

Early morning cuddles with Rowan. 

On Friday Bonnie and Rob arrived to help us transition back home and, of course, lavish love and delight on their grand babies. 🙂

And, after a loooong week cooped up in our room, we were given the green light to head home. And so, at 5am on Saturday morning we had the most anti-climactic bringing-home-babies march to the car and that was that! We are parents of TWO kids! 
And so began the weekend of cuddling!

Rob had to head back home for a week of classes, but before he left he set up this beautiful play gym he built for the babies. It is absolutely gorgeous!
And here are some failed attempts to get a “one week!” photo of the goofs. It seems like they develop distinct little faces and personalities more and more every day. 

This is my favorite, Evelyn trying to latch onto Rowan’s head

And then being SO ANGRY when we pulled her off him. And he just takes it like a champ! Payback for all the kicking in utero, I suppose.

It has felt like the longest week, trying to figure out nursing problems, hourly feedings all night, c-section recovery, all of it. And yet our hearts just overflow with such love for these little people. What a life it will be for our little family of four!


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