2 months

Evelyn and Rowan are two months old today and I think I can now join the generations of mothers who exclaim “they grow up so fast!” – I can hardly believe how much they’ve changed! Even just in the last two weeks they’ve started engaging so much more – how exciting to think about how interactive the months ahead will be. They’re both trying to reach for things (although Rowan will easily work at this task for 40 minutes or more while Evelyn tires a bit more quickly), turning at the sound of one of our voices across the room, smiling when they hear/see one of us – it’s all so much fun and such a good reward for all these exhausting nights and long days. 
They’re sleeping in fairly regular 3 hour chunks for most of the night and starting to take more regular morning, noon and afternoon naps. Nothing I can time on a clock but it is enough of a constant to add some rhythm to our weeks. I’m still not sure how I’ll ever manage to take them out to a store or to an appointment alone. Maybe when they’re nursing easier and I can tandem feed them without my whole huge set-up at home? Feeding each of them individually still takes the better part of an hour when it’s all said and done and then we’ve only got about another hour before the first twin is hungry again. Mamas of the internet, any tips? 
We are enjoying lots of walks in our neighborhood. Some days we meet our friend Beth and her sweet kiddos and some days we just wander and soak up the sunshine and the out-of-the-house freedom. 🙂
Here’s a smattering of photos from month 2:
Uncle Nate visited for the week and had the supreme excitement of joining us on our first family walk. He was a champ with the twins, somehow managing to soothe babies while working on his summer classes like a total pro. We miss you Nate!
My sweet friends trekked out to the suburbs for a birthday brunch on Memorial Day. It was the perfect  morning and I felt so loved. I should have taken pictures of the amazing food, it was a feast!
Sometimes it feels a bit weird to be thrust headlong into this new world of parenthood, I’m so thankful to have friends who not only celebrate this new season but also aren’t afraid to walk beside us through it all.
Then there was our first family road trip. 
We are terrible at packing. We are terrible at time management on the road. We eat too much junk food. Each nursing break took upwards of 45 minutes AND the twins decided to start a growth spurt on the way home and cluster feed every 60-90 minutes.
We made it there and back in one piece and had an amazing time celebrating Gabe and Kayla – the newest Mr. and Mrs. Van’t Land!
packed to the gills
inventing new uses for the boppy
Getting all dressed up for the wedding. Rowan was curious. 
Evelyn was not.  
My view from the nursery perch above the sanctuary. It was a beautiful ceremony and fun reception – we’re so thrilled for you both!

We would have let her drive but she kept dozing off. Maybe next time E. 
See?! (There were lots of wardrobe changes that day.)
This guy too. I really can’t complain, they are awesome at road trips (if you don’t count the extra, extra stops). And I promise we do strap them in before we drive. 
She loves her Daddy!

 8 weeks!

 Our Toronto friend SooJeen came to visit.

And a smattering of naps, smiles and lots of hanging out. 

Target now sells paint which means I finally got something on the walls in our kitchen nook. It’s a bit more green and spring-y than the picture shows but I’m not sure I’d go quite as far as “devine meadow”. Still, a fun project that only took two naptimes to complete!

Now to find places for all the junk on the shelves, table, floor…
Does the chaos ever end?!
Happy 2 months, R&E!


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