3 months!

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NOKIA Lumia 710_001435 Evelyn, 3 months:

  • Loves to stare/smile endlessly at her bff, the ceiling.
  • Still working on her roll front to back, but she’s determined!
  • Crazy eyes continue, but the big grins help take the edge off
  • Screams hysterically when laid down anywhere but the crib
  • Just starting to grasp at things (on the rare occasion she can be distracted from her first love, ceiling) but can’t figure out how to un-grasp. The tense stand-off between her and the hanging rings is affecting all of us.
  • Daddy is the clear favorite. She loves to tell him all her secrets and give him all the biggest grins and giggles. It’s adorable.
  • Sleeps and sleeps and sleeps. All day. And then perks right up around 8pm to play!
  • Windmill arms. All the time. Gotta keep em moving and swatting anything in reach!
  • Still loving the kangaroo hold in the sling. This girl is a cozy cuddler!
  • Continues to nurse like a crazy wild beast complete with snorting, chomping and general gnashing of [gums]
  • Finally has enough neck control for the jumper! She spins and twirls and squeals on her little tip toes.

NOKIA Lumia 710_001432 Rowan, 3 months:

  • So much smiling, laughing and chattering. As soon as he catches your eye he’s all grins!
  • Also, much screaming and so many tears as his first tooth breaks through. How can you help a guy teethe when he’s still figuring out where his mouth is? I’m in need of teether tips.
  • Very dedicated to the Thing (my name for the giant bee/ladybug/butterfly stuffed toy that hangs from his play gym)
  • Spends hours staring at and talking to the Thing
  • May not be able to distinguish between our faces and the Thing
  • Loves to eat. Will randomly pause mid-nurse to shout out an “Ohhh!” of happiness
  • Finally figured out how to grab and get things to his mouth!
  • Drooler.
  • Has taken up Tai Chi. Practice is irregular but very serious.

Twin Parent Brain this month : This week I was switching out our toothbrushes for new ones and told Drew he could have the red one this time and I’d take purple. (we’re very equitable with our variety pack color choices) He thoughtfully offers me the red, if I want it, as he has been using the red one previously. The same red one I’ve just finished with. Yum. And they say your love life takes a nosedive after kids!

Another month down and I’d say we’re finding our stride with these kiddos more and more. They have settled into a somewhat normal bedtime and started sleeping a 5-6 hour stretch at night which is AMAZING. I think we lucked out in the sleep department because, apart from the days of teething miseries, these babes don’t need much more than a swaddle, pacifier, and a dark room to send them off to dream land.

As we get better at leaving the house I’m realizing that my introversion inclination has not changed with parenthood, although parenthood has changed how I can embrace it all. Now it’s not just the act of leaving/interacting with the world/completing my errands that wears me out, it’s the added chaos of our two tagalongs and the inevitable nursing/changing/screaming in public that accompanies it. By the time we get home we’re all ready for naps and maybe bedtime and I’m finding my homebody self even more entrenched. I’m grateful for friends close to home, but wonder when I’ll have the energy to become the sort of neighborly person I hope to be, getting to know our building-mates and hosting dinners and  just generally being able to think about/live towards more than what is happening in the very [very] present.

Still, this in-the-moment-ness is a gift in its own way. My tendency is to think on the interconnectedness of life – I probably fixate too much on how things hang together [or don’t] and what larger purpose it all holds together towards. Life with Rowan and Evelyn leaves me brain-tired and weary, but also full of the visceral life-making of family. These everyday, immediate, and constant demands don’t satisfy my craving for conversation about the ethereal but they’re teaching me to embrace the bits of the infinite that poke through the chaos. When my little man looks up at me with such joy and delight I am lost in the purity of it all – the simplicity of his love given so intensely and immediately and without reservation. Evelyn’s giant grins and babbles, this coming into personhood, it is just wild and wonderful and unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.

to three months!


2 thoughts on “3 months!

  1. Julianne, I am so blessed by your blog. Thanks for the insightful chronicling of these amazing children.

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