summer ’14

We have savored every last drop of this slow and lazy summer. This week Drew returns to Trinity to teach for the fall semester and our lives must find a new normal. To mark this sad transition, I offer you our 14 favorite things about summer ’14:

1. No alarm clock. Except for the days Drew absolutely had to get away from us to get some work done and so forced himself to rise at the hour of 8am, we let our lives be patterned by the sleep habits of the twins. Doesn’t that sound nice? Thankfully, their penchant for giggles at the 5 o’clock hour did not stop the eventual sleeping in until 8:30 or 9. Win!

2. Drew’s schedule. He taught a few courses this summer and continued to work half-time for ICS, but his work load was much lighter than usual. What did we do with all this free time? Farmers markets and family visits and get addicted to OITNB, of course.

3. Family Visits! We enjoyed time with both sets of new grandparents and loved watching the twins get spoiled with endless cuddles. My family (minus Dad and Ben) stopped in for a few days on their way out of the country in early July and our typical Woodroof crazy made for a wonderful week. Somehow we managed to sleep all 8 of us in our two bedroom apartment with only a few minor meltdowns and we finished the week off with a fun trip to the beach! Rob and Bonnie were here for a week later in July and joined us in our lazy days for a few picnics and some exploring in our neighborhood. We even ventured out to the farmers market and met Drew on his lunch break (oh summer schedules, how I will miss you!), gathering up garden-fresh produce for our dinners. 

NOKIA Lumia 710_001593
a delightfully ordinary evening
dunes dunes dunes
babywearing grandparents!

4. Spontaneity. My middle name, finally realized this summer when we joined Drew for a trip to Grand Rapids. The twins and I spent the afternoon exploring an adorable little town while Drew worked with his colleague on FICS matters (guess who had more fun…) and then we stumbled upon the quaint little tourist town of South Haven. Pizza, ice cream, baby wearing at sunset. It was the best date we’ve never planned!


5. Sleep. Babies finally decided to stretch out their nighttime meals and we are only getting up 2x/night if we time it right. Win! 

6. Vacation! We just returned from a week in Lake Mills, WI where we celebrated my cousin Hannah and her new husband Joel’s wedding (it was so beautiful and so fun!) but not before adequately resting our tired bodies on the shores of beautiful Rock Lake. There was good food, great sunsets, goofy babies and plenty of neighborhood kids to keep the (older) twins entertained. All we were missing was Nate and Ben!



7. Books. Books books books. I inhaled them this summer. First it was The Hunger Games, then Divergent (life-changing), a brief foray into the Legend series (not so good) and now I’m finishing up everything I can find of Rainbow Rowell’s (amazing.). 

8. Canning. Here we have two failures but I’m including them because this summer is so great that I have time to fail at things and not fall apart. No deadlines! No stress! Way back at the beginning of summer I attempting an antiseptic balm but overdid it on the beeswax. The 8 jars of antiseptic wick-less candles are still stacked in the dining room looking very cute and very useless until I figure out how to melt them down and adjust the recipe. Tips welcome! Failure #2: cherry jam that, despite 2 boxes of pectin, never set up. Bring on the plain yogurt and ice cream!

9. Gilmore Girls. What else is a girl to do when there are always babies to be nursed and endless baskets of laundry to be folded? For the small fee of $1/season, my local library is helping me to re-live my adolescence right alongside Lorelai, Rory, all the boys, and the only redeeming character Melissa McCarthy ever played. I miss you Sookie St. James.

10. Ice Cream. With grandma’s recipe for heavenly hot fudge. Could it be summer without we-got-the-children-to-sleep victory sundaes? I think not. 

11. Telecommuting. Drew’s delightfully lax summer routine deserves a second mention because this man spent countless days working from the couch while bouncing/soothing/entertaining a child when it was too much for me to handle both of their fussy faces. Even if he had set up shop at one of his mobile offices away from home for the day, he never hesitated to rush home and bail me out of the crazy. Plus, his favorite procrastination activities involve cleaning the kitchen/folding laundry/sweeping the house… which begs the question: just what is it that I do all day? I’ll let you know next week when this excellent situation comes to a sad end. 

12. Nonnas fro-yo coupons! It’s a dangerously short walk away and with the buy-one-get-one coupons we get from the take out menus we snag at each visit, this makes for a delicious date night. 

family walk for fro-yo! (think we can get sponsors?)
family walk for fro-yo! (think we can get sponsors?)

13. Park picnics with church neighbors and friends. We are pretty lucky to live so close to so many great people, it almost feels like we’re back in the city when we pop in on friends to trade baby gear and farmers market bounty! 

14. THE BABIES ARE BECOMING PEOPLE! Every time they learn a new trick they seem a little more human (I know I know. Of course they’re human. But they just feel like humans-in-waiting sometimes) and a little less weird helpless baby. I mean, I love the little cuddle bugs but it is so much more fun to hear the giggles, watch them roll and scoot and jump in the jumper, and (the new fan favorite) grab our faces while yelling and dripping drool. We love seeing their little personalities develop (and change! stoic Evelyn has become a little goof this week with smiles for everyone!) as they learn new things and engage more with their world. 

So there you have it. Summer 2014 was maybe my favorite summer ever. I’d like to thank ice cream and the babies for making it all possible. 

Now bring on the scarves! Sweaters! Soups! 




2 thoughts on “summer ’14

  1. Julianne you’re a great writer! I love keeping up with you guys here. I hope the fall is as wonderful as the summer.

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