month 5

I have few grand reflections on this month that has flown by, but we are learning our way in the new routines of the school year and soaking up the change of pace and weather. I hope this fall will be one of time and space for writing (and not just about baby-life) and for more life-making with friends. The fog of newborn-ness has lifted and I am energized by the cool, crisp mornings and wild sunsets. Welcome, month 5! 



tummy time secrets





e 5months

  • Our sweet girl really came alive during our vacation in Wisconsin. It must have been something about the relaxing, leisurely days that coaxed the smiles and coos and giggles out of our girl. We’re thankful she’s kept it up back at home!
  • Always arching backwards into a sort of bridge, we can’t figure out if she likes to see things upside-down or just enjoys the stretch. This week she’s been flipping herself all the way over, but is then too angry about being on her belly to roll back over. 
  • Nearly 15lbs! We’re going to just skate through the next month still fitting in 6-month clothes, I think. Hopefully we’ll be firmly into cozy clothes season by october because the sundresses and ruffle onesies are just about stretched to the max!
  • Ms. Muscles. Although tummy time is still loathed by all members of the family, this little girl has perfected her half-push-up and is a little roly-poly. She is getting better at grasping at toys as they hang from her play gym, but then promptly tears them down with her brute strength. 
  • Beat-boxing. Lots of spitting, lip smacking, humming and shrieks. Oh! It just occurred to me that her floor moves are break dancing! My little prodigy. 
  • With wide-eyed curiosity, Evelyn loves to watch her wild brother, soak up new places, and enjoy the neighborhood while we walk 
  • Naps naps naps. Unable to shake vacation mode, Evelyn is still indulging in 4-5 long naps every day. What can I say? (besides that I’m jealous…)
  • Still loves snuggling with her daddy in the Ergo, especially while he works around the house. 
  • Music! Listening to Drew play guitar and sing is always the best angry evelyn solution. 



r 5 months 

  • Giggles. All the time. Our little man LOVES attention and will dissolve in a fit of giggles and laughs with just a look.
  • SITTING UP! After a short day of practicing while holding onto our hands and propped up with the boppy, our little man is upright and so proud. He’s still a bit overly confident/gravitationally clueless with face-plants aplenty but he will not be deterred!
  • 17lbs of chunk! Our little michelin man has rolls on rolls and is busting out of his clothes with his irresistible chub. I can’t get enough. 
  • Loves to read. Tonight we read an alphabet book from Aunt Karen about fruit and veggies and my little goof was full of gasps and kicks and shouts and sighs. 
  • We haven’t started on solid foods yet but Rowan seems mesmerized by our meals and utensils. I’m planning to try the baby-led weaning approach maybe starting next month and it’s exciting to see him so eager to learn. 
  • Swaddle no more. As soon as he’s put in his crib Rowan rolls to the side and happily jams his legs between the rungs. He usually spends some time yelling and running through his list of vowel sounds until he finally drifts off to dreamland. 
  • So strong. Lots of rolling, toe grabbing, pushups and standing (with assistance). I think this kids is going to be trouble far before I’m reading for it. Time to baby-proof the apartment!



NOKIA Lumia 710_002099
a little improv baby-wearing!




everybody loves bath time!



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