6 months!

6 months you guys. SIX. Who are these monster children?





What’s new in the Woodlands? Personal space! A few weeks ago we moved the twins into their own room. Mark and Kendra brought us brunch one Saturday morning and we roped them into helping us drag and re-arrange furniture and hang bunting. Turns out nursery decorations are adorable even to the girl who mocked the inane impracticalities of pinterest-perfect baby bedrooms. I found a website full of free printables and, after a quick $9 at kinkos, have more cutesy card stock than I know what to do with.


After a weird week of adjusting (mostly on my end), we are more or less settled in. Night feedings are still quite quick, the baby stuff is (somewhat) contained and we are loving having our room back to fill with our own dirty laundry and piles of crap. I am still missing them being within arms reach, but we all usually end up cuddled together by morning so I’m still getting my snuggle-fix. We are slowly packing away/throwing out all the extra junk that our ‘second bedroom’ previously housed in anticipation of the crawling days that are not so far off!

Two weeks ago Liz and Kelsey helped me take the twins apple picking (which is to say they cheerfully carried around my sweaty children while we labored in the fields. For fun!) and I kept having flashbacks to a year ago when Drew and went to the same orchards and ate the same cider doughnuts, still clueless that we were a family of four! It’s just wild.

It was SO HOT.


baby wearing pro!



We are trying to make a family habit of walking more in our neighborhood and the forest preserves nearby. It has been just gorgeous this month and I want to soak in every last minute before the another dreary chicago winter sets in. Plus, as long as we keep moving, the screaming is kept mostly at bay and we can have real conversations about this crazy season of life and even dream about what life might hold a year from now.

Is there anything more swoon-worthy than a man one who wrangles wriggly babies, washes dishes and wakes up for night feedings?

Evelyn at 6 months


  1. Sitting up! Just a short week after her brother she decided she was ready for the upright world and hasn’t looked back. Any troubles with balance are directly related to a certain brother tackling/pushing/pulling/grabbing her arm/leg/face. Otherwise she’s quite good.
  2. The giggles! Oh the giggles. This girl wakes up in the best mood every morning, so full of life! On the mornings when she accidentally confuses 4 and 7am, she’ll entertain us over the monitor with yelps and yips of joyous laughter.
  3. Thumb sucking, of the loud slurping, spitting variety. When she remembers that she enjoys this, it’s an excellent soothing activity. When she forgets…well, mostly it’s still a lot of screaming.
  4. The paws. The child has giant hands and is starting to put them to good use moving toys from one hand to another and shoving them into her mouth/throwing them wildly across the room. She loves to touch and grab onto Drew’s beard and the other day, as he was remarking on the sweetness of it, she wound up and slapped him squarely in the jaw. So. Maybe we have a future softball player in our midst?
  5. The sweetest silence. When our Eve-girl is relaxed, she loves to soak up the silence and will spend long stretches observing the world around her with those bright blue eyes.
  6. TEETH! Her two bottom teeth are FINALLY through. Finally. That is all.




Rowan at 6 months


  1. My little scooter. Rowan has started scootching across the floor…backwards. Usually he’ll have a build up of toys caught under his legs as he moves himself frustratingly farther and farther away from the toy he’s so desperately reaching for. I think Evelyn is enjoying the extra bit of space between them.
  2. Wild card. Some days he settles into naps and bedtime like a pro, other days he’s our wild child keeping us company late into the night. At a certain point his laughter becomes manic, he’s giggling and shrieking and carrying on and we totally get suckered into the fun, completely forgetting our resolve to help him calm down.
  3. Kisses, or some early slobbering version of them. Basically, if you have your face within arms reach of the little ham he’ll grab hold and plant a big slobbery smack. It is disgustingly adorable.
  4. Adventurous eater. So far, this little boy will devour anything we put in front of him. Apples, green beans, nectarines, egg, pears, sweet potato – he loves it all!
  5. Books. Maybe it’s just the chew-factor of the cardboard, but Rowan seems to be far more interested in books this month. Turns out it is much more interesting to read to a person who actually wants to be read to. Who would have guessed?
  6. Walks! Rowan rarely falls asleep anymore (have I mentioned that?), not even on long walks. It has upped the fun factor like 100% when we go out and I’m not the only conscious one. And yeah, maybe he’s just in it for the leaf-eating but I’ll take it. Pushing unconscious children around the neighborhood for an hour is about as boring (but less creepy) than it sounds. Plus – swings!





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