whole 30 week 2

Meals this week:

Monday leftovers: kabocha soup with roasted chicken

Tuesday chicken coconut curry (plus sweet potatoes and peppers, sans honey) with cauliflower rice

Wednesday slow cooker chuck roast for drew and simple tuna cakes for me, salad and roasted veggies

Thursday oven baked fajitas (this was amazing!)

Friday shrimp, spinach, caramelized onion frittata with roasted veggies

Saturday chicken sweet potato chili with avocado

Sunday roasted chicken with lemon garlic green beans

Breakfasts are more of the same: eggs, leftovers, fruit

Snacks/mini-meals are hardboiled eggs, nuts, veggies, fruit and homemade lara bars.

There’s a ‘timeline‘ that outlines the typical whole30 experience, offering brief explanations and general commiseration for the crazy psychological and biological impact the detox will have over the 30 day program. Today is day 14 and our experiences have more or less followed the guide, complete with crazy dreams about food these last few days. This week I dreamed I was visiting our Toronto friends Kim and Kyle and all their sweet girls, apparently just so I could sneak to their fridge for repeated swigs from their milk jug (it seems my subconscious has ditched the whole milk-in-bags reality). I woke up feeling SO guilty! And really? Milk guilt? If I have to deal with dream guilt I’d like it to involve swimming in a lake of dark chocolate.

The diet and rules have become pretty mundane, and our biggest struggle this week was with food boredom and hunger. Case in point: While enjoying an evening with the younger Mattsons last week we offered them a smorgasbord of the lingering forbidden foods in our kitchen. It was a table of temptation: goldfish, mac n cheese, ice cream… but it was surprisingly easy to resist! That is, until Drew unthinkingly grabbed a handful of goldfish crackers, chomped down and then ran off to the bathroom to spit them out. (!) That is dedication, my friends. I would have savored them in all their salty, cheesy, crunchy goodness!

When I have time/energy to prep a real meal with several kinds of veggies, flavorful chicken and sauce, we eat like kings. But then when you’re on meal three of the same leftovers, or you’re eating another salad and just generally sick of sweet potatoes…the kitchen walls start closing in. I miss yogurt! And cheese. And beans. Mmm. Quesadillas. Still, even though I miss certain foods, I would say the cravings haven’t been a problem. Hunger, that’s my problem!

Also, we literally took our checking account down to $30 with our last costco trip. This diet is so expensive! We definitely won’t be able to keep up this meat habit when the program is over. I’m already dreaming of a big old pot of sweet potato black bean chili. Cheap and delicious.

My favorite meal this week was the crock pot chicken curry with cauliflower rice. So easy and so satisfying. I loved how fluffy the ‘rice’ was, soaking up all the good coconut curry gravy without feeling heavy in my stomach like regular rice. And so easy! Have I mentioned that? You just toss chunks of cauliflower in the food processor, pulse a few times, dump in a pan of sautéed onion with a little oil and pop a lid on to steam for 10 minutes. Or you can do it in the oven! Delicious.

As a follow up to my milk-saga (that would be my milk, not the ice cold creamy deliciousness I’m dream-coveting), I’ve been incorporating lots of oats into my diet via some sweetener-free paleo recipes. I made these breakfast cookies and these pumpkin pancakes this week. Not whole30, but it has done the job and if it means I can otherwise stick to the plan, I’m game! With no further complaints from the twins, I would say it did the trick.

But, back to meal planning I go. Week three is when I learn how to use chia seeds so they don’t taste like nasty. I hope. Recipes welcome, as always!


2 thoughts on “whole 30 week 2

  1. you guys are so brave! I’m so interested to hear how you feel about the whole experience. Also, I have those fajitas in the oven right now!

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