whole30 week 3

Breakfasts were amazing this week. Drew made us an egg veggie scramble almost every morning!

Lunches were more leftovers, salads with shredded chicken or hardboiled eggs.


Monday Chicken Curry and Cauli-rice

Tuesday Chicken Shrimp Stir Fry

Wednesday Chicken Burgers with sweet potato fries

Thursday Enchilada Chicken Stew

Friday Broccoli Slaw Chicken Stir Fry

Saturday Baked Fajitas

Sunday Tuna salad in bell pepper halves – made with homemade mayo instead of greek yogurt. (homemade mayo is so easy!)

One great trick I learned this week is to grab a bag of sweet potatoes, stab them each a couple of times with a fork and then dump them in a crock pot. 4-5 hours on low and they’re perfect! Also, larabar bites. So many of those. This week these pumpkin pie larabar/bites have been my whole30 saving grace.

What can I say about week three? We have not experienced the mythic ‘tiger blood’. We have not been full of boundless energy. We have not escaped the trappings of our cultural attitudes towards food (although we did practice epic self control at a halloween party with a table of tempting deliciousness!).

Mostly, we have whined. We have started making lists of all the food we would rather be eating instead of what we are eating. We have realized that every sort of date activity we enjoy involves food. We have had philosophical conversations about the importance of participating in cultural food traditions, and how depriving oneself could not possibly be the solution to our poor food habits. Whine, whine, whine.

We have 9 days left and it feels like forever. I think the only reason we’re still doing this is because it would be too embarrassing to stop now. I’ve been feeling pretty pathetic about this, namely because this ‘diet’ represents such an immense amount of privilege. Even though we live on a pretty tight budget, we were able to put other things aside and funnel our extra income towards food. (Of course, typing ‘funnel’ makes me think of funnel cakes. Which day is it when you reintroduce funnel cakes? Day 31?) Also, hello. We have greater access to food than most anyone in the world, throughout human history. We are CHOOSING to deprive ourselves of the modern miracles in our grocery store because we are undisciplined children who cannot keep ourselves from eating an entire pan of brownies/block of cheese/pizza. And then we have the audacity to whine about how much work it is to prepare our expensive groceries into meals 3 times a day?


And true. I have a long list of meal ideas but none of them seem to satisfy my constant hunger and since I now no longer crave any particular food (the only part of this program that seems to have ‘stuck’), I just feel like grazing on…anything besides what we have: veggies and apples and almond butter and nuts. Plus, ‘grazing’ is taboo. Bleh. I’ll just sit here and nurse my la croix. (also. How do you pronounce that? la crocs? la qua? help.)

The upside? My clothes are feeling loose and my body feels less sluggish and tired. We get the kids down for bed and have several hours of energy to work on whatever our little hearts desire. (Scandal. Parenthood. Waffle costumes.) When I’m not busy wallowing in my first world problems, I’m feeling good about learning discipline and eating three kinds of veggies for breakfast. Essentially, our whole30 is helping us to become grown ups.

Anybody know of a month-long program that teaches you how to keep your home clean and get your laundry folded the same day you wash it?

(What’s that, Mom? You’re going to move in and be our nanny/maid? Amazing! You are THE best.)

Well. I leave you with the most delicious little carb-cake cuties. Thanks for reading our whine. 9 more days! 9 more days!


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