7 months of little moments

For some reason my brain just sort of stopped last month at 6. Half a year seemed like such a milestone – a major triumph that proved these endlessly long days have added up to something. 6 more and we’ll have toddling, jabbering little people. All that lies in-between? Well, apparently it will just be flying by!

I’ve put a few captions above to help narrate our month, but beyond that, I’m having a tough time pulling together coherent thoughts about how these weeks unfolded. My brain is just spitting out half phrases: “windy walks”, “sleepless teething terror”, “too much cooking”.

Today at Costco (which I finally tackled with both babies, by myself!) the woman checking out behind me told me about her family: a set of identical twin girls, followed 16 months later by another daughter, then two years after that by a set of fraternal boys! AND, she didn’t know she was having twins until she went into labor! Amazing. All of her kids are now in the tween/teen years, and she looked a little wistfully at my tantruming babes and told me to soak it all in as much as I can in all the little moments.

So, I’m trying.

I want to remember Evelyn’s emerging love for music. How she bounces her little bum up and down to the beat of our silly Raffi CD and tries to clap but clasps her hands at the first ‘clap’ and can’t let go. The way she throws her head back to shriek in happiness and then hunches over to laugh like an adorable little old lady. How I can coax a huge grin from across the room with just a little eyebrow wiggle. I want to remember how she suddenly gained a voracious appetite and will lunge at any food in sight, chopping down on everything she can get her paws on! She has this happy sort of snort-bounce routine for happy mouthfuls of favorite foods: take a bite, clamp your lips, breathe and snort and bounce and wiggle, gum gum gum, swallow and repeat. And her new fascination with our silicon basting brush – chomping down on the rubbery bristles and then sneezing in surprise again and again when some of them wiggle up her nose!

I want to remember how Rowan sort of sang along with me today in the car while we listened to advent music. The sweetness of his little voice following mine from the backseat was just entirely too much.  I want to remember the feeling of these slobbery dive-bomb kisses, the ones that land hard on my shoulder while his little hands grab at my nursing tank and then he giggles high and crazy when I tickle tackle him back down. The way he clamps his lips shut when he burps a little spit up and his eyes go wild with the effort. How he too loves food, picking it up with his pinkie and ring finger to move it to his gaping mouth where he promptly releases into his bib-shelf below. Over and over and over. So determined. His newly acquired “b-b-baa” sound punctuates his backwards scoots across the floor and he’s getting closer and closer to rocking it into forward motion!


I want to always remember the precious sight of these babies cuddling with their dad, grabbing his beard with their sticky stubby fingers, giggling all the while. When he plays his guitar and sings for them they look on with such awe and stillness, soaking in every lovely note. And the mornings before he leaves for work when he snuggles up with the pee-stink babies, trying to coax them back to sleep but always giving into their giggles. The sound of the three of them in the baby bedroom, getting ready for the day while I have a few precious moments alone to do the same.

There are so many wonderful beautiful little moments, tucked into the chaos of our days. And on this 7th month anniversary of their birth, (can you imagine if we still celebrated every month of our lives? perhaps we should!) I’m thankful. So thankful.


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