a snowy day of rest

It has been a wearying week here in the woodlands. We’ve been wading through ear infections, colds, and the accompanying sleepless nights. We’ve tried to juggle the doctors appointments and a minor surgery and labs and tests, exhausted as we drag ourselves out the door to the doctor and even more worn out when we return. All the regular demands of work and laundry and dishes pile up as reminders of our energy shortfall, our last sight at night and our first the next morning. (And oh how early these mornings have been!) On top of everything else, we are counting down the days until the letters start trickling in from PhD programs, nerves so frayed and strained so that the littlest baby squawk sets us on edge.

In short, we are a mess over here. We need a shift in perspective. A break. A fresh start. A few consecutive hours of sleep.


Today we woke up to a cozy, slow, snowy day. The flakes fall thick and quiet, socking us into our little condo building with great powdery drifts. It is peaceful and quiet, perfect for naps and cuddles and catching up on favorite tv shows while we lounge in our pjs.

The laundry is slowly cycling through, load after load sorted and folded into piles on the living room floor. Rowan drags his little pairs of pants and onesies behind him as he craws back and forth, unearthing cheerios and raisins and other tasty rewards of my lax housecleaning. Evelyn joyfully grabs at sock bundles, exhaling screams of happiness as she chomps into each one.

We made it outside for a short romp in the snow and even though it took longer to get ready than it did for the windy cold to force us back inside, I’m glad we ventured out. Rowan is too, I think.

Here are some other joyful little moments from our week. (I need the reminder: we made it through and joy was with us all along.)

blueberries cheer up the worst days

and there’s nothing a bath can’t fix

A new friend graciously doubled our diaper stash with the gift of her old collection. Oh diaper love!


And who can forget the wonderful family outing to the grocery store! Smiles all around.

Is it too much to ask to be snowed in for just a few more days? We have so much more resting to do!


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