parenthood is

Waking up to children screaming at 2am, husband nowhere to be found. You begin a somewhat frantic search around the house, shouting his name. (A million sleepy questions racing through your mind: Did someone kidnap my husband? Did he sneak out? Has he left me all alone to raise the children!?) Finally, there he is, slumped into child’s pose with his face under the couch, arms splayed. He’s unresponsive to your shouts and the children’s screams until you finally give his lifeless body a shove and he groggily asks what’s going on.

Turns out he’s been there for TWO HOURS, passed out after the midnight search for the snot sucker.


That same husband waking up with snotty baby #1 way too early and keeping him busy while cleaning the kitchen and making breakfast.

My love for this man has reached new depths.



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