parenthood is

Little naked children escaping the bathroom.


Smiling at the sight of both kids happily playing together, then realizing Evelyn is carefully picking up and eating the chunky vomit of her brother while he swirls it around into pretty designs on the floor.


The giggles of babies who are trying to latch onto your ample ‘twin skin’.


Sunday morning snuggles.


The first time your daughter dives head first out of the tub and then looks at you like you’re the worst parent in all the world.


Rushing home after a call from the most patient, loving in-laws who let me know my children had puked all over them/the carpet/couch. Scooping up my little sickies and being complete-outfit-change vomited on three times in the space of 20 minutes. Loving their sad little puke faces more than ever.


When you look down to see your son chewing on a [wrapped] condom that he found on the floor. At church. While a wonderful woman is praying for your children.





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