wednesday things.

It’s hard to stay mad at a child who has lathered up in the last bits of your favorite body butter because she (and her pacifiers, the crib rails, sheets and clothes) smells like love and neck massages and pink flowers. Aromatherapy on the cheap people: Evelyn, diffusing our apartment one nap-time mischief at a time.


Sometimes in the sea of screams there is this 45 second island of calm and giggles and so I’m thankful for this hand-me-down iPhone that can lock these memories away for the rough times ahead. (aka: the rest of the afternoon.) btw, Rowan learned those moves from his papa. The first time Drew kissed me was mostly him nuzzling (he called it ‘caressing’) my face with his face and me wondering if my breath was really so bad that he had to work so hard to avoid my mouth. Drew says it was supposed to demonstrate his restraint and romance. What can I say? He won me over and now we’ve passed on his moves to a new generation. Sorry, future spouses of Evelyn and Rowan.

I know you all wake up every morning wondering how to we slept. You are so thoughtful. All I think about is how I slept because my sleep is the most important of all sleeps and I have been sleeping great! Drew has been getting up to calm the stubbornly waking babies all week. Last night he slept on the floor of their bedroom between 2:30 and 5 because he’s just that awesome. Also I fell back  to sleep after the kids woke up for good at 6 and Drew  did the whole morning routine too, proving once again that I’m not really cut out for this job/have the best partner ever.

This week has been absolutely perfect, weather-wise. Yesterday I took the kids out to our little grassy apartment lawn and it was like they had never seen the outdoors before. Evelyn sat happily in the grass, pulling up fistfuls while she sang and did her little dance. Rowan marched around the parking lot like he was the main event in a parade. It was adorable and further establishes my one parenting discovery: the less your children know about the outside world, the more exciting it will be later. Last week we showed them where the other door to our apartment leads (6 stairs up to the mailbox). They were over the moon. Stairs! Radiators to bang on! Large echo-y hallway! Who needs vacations when you have parking lots and condo corridors?

Terry Gross interviewed Louis C.K. (again. I think she has him on a monthly rotation and I’m not complaining) and he had lots of parenting wisdom. More than you’d expect from an otherwise awkward/crass comedian, I think. He reminds me that I need to ask better questions and really listen for the answers I’m not expecting.

Speaking of radio: we have a giant radio/record player sitting on a dresser in our living room but I usually listen to Fresh Air and most of my NPR on their app, and that’s only when I’m not listening to other podcasts via iTunes. Podcast addict.Needless to say, I found Craig’s musings on voice to be quite challenging.

This weekend we watched Mr. Nobody, a find from this list. It was bizarre and beautiful and like wading through a lifetime of dreams.

On Sunday we went for a long walk in the forest preserve and talked about parenting and how we have no clue what we’re doing. As little willful personalities emerge in our toddler people I feel like we’re already two steps behind. What kind of family culture do we want? How can we discipline in love, rather than to protect our egos? Is it possible to protect these kids from our worst impulses as we try to curb theirs?

I’ve been reading a bit more on attachment parenting. While I find it tricky to apply some of the practices directly to twin-life (it’s a bit challenging to comfort two children simultaneously while they scream at/beat on each other), I appreciate the emphasis on gentleness and positive discipline. One of my favorite twin-mama blogs summed up the struggle so well this week: “When I feel like I’m giving my entire self and it is not enough.  It feels like I’m drowning without any life preservers to be seen.” Click over to read her beautiful (and hopeful!) conclusion.

Anyway, most of our walk was spent discussing this subject. I would love to hear your thoughts!

I resolve not the let the undone define or undo me”  YES. I needed this.

I’m thankful for this beautiful reflection in a week of earthquakes and riots, weeping and mourning and loss of the hardest kind. We live in a broken world and yet we have hope. “Lord, help my unbelief.” Thanks for being so lovely with words, Catherine. 

Re: Nepal – “The aid that comes in within the first weeks and even months is of a life-saving nature. That’s the period when the local capacity is almost zero. So outside help is really important.” Here’s some tips about how to give wisely.

And if you need some peaceful accompaniment for this wednesday, Jose is here for you. (I love tiny desk concerts.)

Wishing you all the best of hair-days and laughter for everything else. Happy Wednesday!




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