wednesday things. vol 2

Personally, I love peeing while two babies hang on my knees/try to see into the toilet/nurse.    Still, I understand where she’s coming from. 

Oh and this: A belated Happy Mothers Day. Your child literally ate your brain.  (Let’s be honest. My baby-addled brain couldn’t finish this article. Can someone please read it and tell me how to get my life back?)

Dude. With the number of photos that exist of R&E, their entire childhood might end up one big #FakeMemory.

Remember when you promised you’d eat healthier this year? Farmers market fresh veggies are like two weekends away. Here’s your meal plan.

And I’m making these this week. Yum yum yum.

I want this house. Could someone call Jeremy in Lexington and tell him the perfect tenants are available for August 1st?

Forgiveness: Taking ownership of your own crap before mulling around in someone else’s.

Salad season is HERE!

I am maybe the most fashion/trend illiterate person you know but I love this bag. Has anyone seen anything similar for less than $50? It’s time to retire my ugly-ish old standby and I would love something roomy and cross-body to help me schlep all our things around.

This is so interesting! Time for a trip to the thrift store. Your junk is my children’s treasure!

In conclusion, lest you think I spend all my time sitting in front of the computer: I had my first Marianos experience this weekend. Unbelievable. The IKEA of grocery stores. So many things to see and try and buy! So many things I need to have! They’ll even grill your shrimp/juice your oranges for you! Amazing. If anybody wants to meet there for lunch, the answer is yes.


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