wednesday things vol. 3

What a glorious long weekend!

We’ve been using my birthday as an excuse to indulge in all sorts of treats and fun since last Friday and even though we’re paying for it in sugar crashes and nap disasters, it was absolutely delightful.

On Saturday Mark and Kendra came over and kindly pretended to be as enamored with our children’s latest tricks (Spinning in circles! Pointing to an ear and calling it an eye! Dancing with pointed fingers! TALENT.) while feeding us banana nutella cupcakes and enormous amounts of guacamole.

Sunday was a sick day full of cuddles and a rainy grocery store run when we just couldn’t be cooped up any longer. And then monday was for relaxing and eating and catching up with friends who folded our chaos right into their lovely home. Yesterday featured super-human Drew who somehow got the twins ready for the day, taught a class, brought home flowers (!) and then shooed me out the door for an afternoon alone while he managed the children through the witching hours and made us dinner. The stuff of dreams!


Year 24 was mostly about moving back to the U.S. and being enormously pregnant.  25 was about R&E and never sleeping and learning how to be a mom. 26 will be the first many months of Lexington life, the dawn of a new adventure! We are so eager to dive into this hopeful next season of life, I can hardly wait to get settled and start finding our new routines and people and places that will make Lexington feel like home. 8 weeks!

Wow. 8 weeks. Typing that out makes it seem so real. We have so much to do! I don’t have a single list started!

Let’s start with the fun stuff. Chicago bucket list: Concert and picnic at the Pritzker Pavilion. Logan Famers market (after one final trip to Covenant!) An afternoon wandering wicker park. Dropping off a proper thank you at the midwives. A family photo on the spot where Drew proposed. Drive by’s of our old apartments. Pizzzzzza. What am I missing?

Babies graduating from college, 5 years ago. Drew proposed on this same beach, 6 months later!

Drew made these delicious little donuts for birthday breakfast. Now I want to fry all the things!

Logical, confident, expressive, self critical: so says my handwriting.

I brought this to the memorial day cook out. It was divine. (If I do say so myself.)


I’m stumbling out of two long years of painful, exhausting doubts about God – for anyone who’s been there or has wondered why anyone would be, this podcast is worth a listen. 

“Precious, fragile, brave, fierce motherhood.” : A beautiful piece by Lisa Gungor.

Binging on this all week. Hilarious and sweet and unexpected fun!


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