wednesday things vol. 4

In case you ever wondered who is the more compassionate parent, it’s the one who rushes in to rescue the screaming child who has just realized she’s terrified of her brother’s bandaids. The not-compassionate one points out that the child has the same mickey mouse bandaids on her own thighs.

(the compassionate one)

Here’s to a better day of parenting. Here’s to wednesday! And here’s all the things I’ve been reading lately:

I found these fun board books at our library this week and the twins love them. Each page of the book is split into three smaller pages and you can flip back and forth between silly outfits and sentence combinations. So fun!

I didn’t know what Manspreaders were before I read this but then I realized basically everybody outside of rush hour is a manspreader on the CTA. When all the seats are just two-wide you pretty much have to sit on somebody’s purse/person. And that’s just what she did. 

This fun post matches your Meyers-Briggs with your kitchen style. I usually come up evenly split between F and T and so reveals the war within me: The Counselor “Light, bright and white!” vs The Mastermind “Iron and reclaimed wood…a good place for brooding.” Drew said his type doesn’t matter because all he cares about is having clean plates with food on them. Also, Drew claims to love filling the dishwasher. weird. weird. weird.

On a more serious note, this article is beautiful and thought provoking. I love the way she talks about her transgendered sister and what she is learning from her own struggle to love her sister well. It’s maybe the first christian perspective I’ve seen that doesn’t get bogged down in trying to sort out how to best express judgement, but instead wrestles with how to stay on the long road of love. So so good.

Privilege is a painful thing, when I remember I have it. I’m grateful for these small glimpses into how the world looks to people without it. When I first saw this story pop up on my newsfeed, and then on the actual news, I avoided it. I didn’t want to get depressed reading about another case of police brutality. You guys. My privilege means I get to avoid even reading about racial injustice if I want to. But then I read this article and had to watch the video and I urge you to do the same.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what sort of work might call me out of this mama-at-home life. Practically speaking, we just need the money and have plenty of loans and a car and other debt to repay. I’m eager to get back to working towards eliminating those and finding some reprieve from our financial struggle. But then I also hope for meaningful work, for a job where I can care for others and justify the hours spent not at home, caring for my own children. I wonder if I deserve the struggle. When you’re poor, do you get to dream vocational dreams? Allison explores this tension beautifully. I’m adding Nordenson’s book to my library list!

A dear friend sent this my way last week. If you’re in the lonely place of doubt I hope it will encourage you too. You are not alone. Also, I’d love to swap stories. Email me?

And finally, I’ve been reading lots and lots of canning recipes. Summer is here! Time to fire up the stove and make jam! (I added strawberries and used apple juice in place of the tea. I’m a chronic runny-jam-maker but this batch SET!!)


Any other good reads I’m missing? Send them my way!


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