lexington: first impressions and the road trip from hell

After weeks of cyber stalking our dream neighborhoods, researching commuting times, mapping out bike lanes and looking for parks, WE HAVE FOUND A HOME!

These bushes make me think of giant broccoli stalks. Yuck. Maybe we can reshape them into something less…wide?
It’s a bit farther from the city center than we were hoping for but it’s also about twice as large as we thought we could afford with plenty of room for kids to play and Drew to work and a whole extra bedroom where you can stay when you come visit! We have a lovely backyard with lots of space for gardening (right now I’m daydreaming about blueberry bushes and flower beds and a growing season that starts in march!) and a HUGE park just behind our fence. I kind of can’t believe it all came together in two short days but we are so thankful. And so excited!

Other highlights:

  • This AirBnB. Have you used one? You should. We’re staying in a simple but comfortable 2 bedroom apartment for a cool $52 a night. We have a full eat-in kitchen and laundry! Also, free hulu+ = the Rick Steves Network!
  • Gorgeous weather. Today was sunny and breezy with just enough cloud cover to keep us comfortable at the parade. And everything is so green!
  • Drew got to see what he thinks is the outside of his department. I think it looks like a prison. Drew remains optimistic.
  • Sweet southern ladies striking up conversation just everywhere: on the elevator, the sidewalk, in the grocery store, everyone has a thoughtful comment or kind word about the kids, the day, whatever I’m buying at Kroger. Lexington is so friendly!
  • Discovering all the amazing community development organizations. I can’t wait to learn more about this city. There’s this whole project to redevelop one of the downtown corridors in a way that embraces “creative placemaking” – using local arts and culture to improve the quality of life of everyone in the neighborhood.
  • The parade! It was sort of more of a car show than a real parade with few floats and only two marching bands, but there was a ghostbusters crew on a huge semi flatbed and some roller derby girls to keep things exciting. Mostly it was just prime people watching time and I feel like I’ve learned a bit about my future fellow Lexingtonians. 1: They are polite, as mentioned above. 2: They are quiet and respectful. We sat on the curb with thousands of other people for over an hour before the parade began and it wasn’t much louder than a grocery store. 3: They love to dance. 4: They are kind to each other. No passive aggressive shoving or pushing to the front. No complaining. Lots of cheering and clapping and high fives. 5: They love kettle corn and beer. But that might have just been the parade. And I mean, who doesn’t love kettle corn?

Unfortunately, we have to drive home tomorrow. Here’s a tip: if you’re considering a road trip with two 15 month olds, don’t.

Just, don’t do it.

Google tells us there are 5.5 driving hours between Crestwood and Lexington. R&E beg to differ. On the way down here our rest stop to driving hours ratio was 1:1. That’s FIVE POINT FIVE hours spent on the side of the road trying in vain to appease the children (i.e.: letting them climb all over the front seats, push all the buttons on the dashboard, and grind snacks into our seats) and FIVE POINT FIVE hours spent white knuckling the steering while the children slowly wore down our will to live. Oh the screaming. It’s a small miracle that Drew and I are still married. On the upside, I think we’ve now expressed every last buried resentment and adolescent grudge. Let the rebuilding begin!


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