Parenthood is

  • Finally getting one kid down for the night and then cuddling up with the other for a quick nurse before bed. You set her on the floor while you run to get a quick drink of water. 20 minutes, two froofy drinks and a lovely conversation with your husband later and you hear some cheerful chatter back in the living room. Your forgotten little girl is sweetly sitting in a pile of her favorite books, babbling away!
  • Letting out a little cheer when you find that the post-bath pre-diaper poop happened on the wood floor and not the carpet. I have never been prouder.
  • The sweetest morning cuddles and kisses that take a turn for some vomit-directly-in-papa’s-mouth action.


  • Making up games out of any and everything because you packed up the toys too soon. Nobody seems to mind.
  • Spending the post-toddler-bedtime hour dreaming about the adventures you’ll have when your children trek off to college. In the someday future Drew has a job that happily funds summer sabbatical studies in beautiful libraries around the world. So far our list includes: All of Europe. Peru. More of Canada. My plan is to have Rick Steves shuttle me around while Drew cozies up with his books. I can hardly wait!
Someday. Just visualize the mortarboards.
  • Getting all nostalgic for the sweetness of chubby baby thighs and the awesomeness of immobile 4 month olds. #tbt


  • Thinking you’re so very clever for giving the kids a tray of ice cubes to play with outside on the hottest day. The very cleverest…at least until those cubes melt into nice toddler-throat-sized pieces and Rowan is choking. Yeah. Just call me supermom.


  • Finally getting a great date night out for a concert with wonderful friends. Spending the whole drive home complaining about how late it is and how much your head hurts and how loud and crazy everybody was. (Still, it was amazing. I can’t believe the first time I saw Josh Garrels perform was already 6 years ago!) Returning home to find your babysitters have cleaned the kitchen and folded laundry they found in the dryer! Thank you Annee and Emma!!
  • Taking your two children with you to the gynecologist only to find the OB has been called up for a delivery. You spend 1.5 hours wandering the hospital with overly tired cranky toddlers until the OB finally returns and informs you that your uterus is in tip top shape. While you look at pictures of your insides Evelyn finds the drawer of speculums. Rowan pries the lid off his snack cup and showers the exam room in cheerios and raisins. You try to discuss things like birth control with a straight face. (Parenthood is knowing when you’re not ready for another.)
  • Packing up all your things and your children and striking out on a new adventure. Feeling a bit like you’ve fooled everybody and are just waiting for someone to knock on the door and say “Excuse me. You’re planning to pack up and move your family away from everyone and everything you know this week? HAHAHAHA. Nope. You just unpack those boxes lady because that is not happening. We all know how many alarms you set so you’ll remember to call the dentist for a copy of your file and we all know you’ve been snoozing those alarms every day for the last two weeks.  We know how many times you have to re-wash a load of laundry because you forget about it and it molds. We know how often you eat scrambled eggs for dinner because meal prep just seems like too much chaos.  How on earth do you expect you’ll manage to start over and find the new pediatrician and hook up the electrical and transfer the car title with toddlers in tow?” And I will say, “Have you met my in-laws? They’re going to hold our hands and our toddlers until we get it all sorted out. But, as long as you’re here, help us load the truck!”

THIS WEEK! Thank you to Gabe and Kayla and Melissa and Geoff and everyone else who has been so loving and caring and watched our children and packed our things into boxes. THIS IS HAPPENING!!!!


2 thoughts on “Parenthood is

  1. Once again, I’m moved by your heart-warming musings. And thank you for the overly gracious comments about us. Believe me, we LOVE helping you- it really is fun. Can’t wait to see you later this week! Bonnie

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