a parents’ guide to a romantic weekend in (because we are too broke to pay for a babysitter + dinner)

Once the kids are in bed, spend the rest of the evening entirely by candlelight. This creates instant ambiance with the helpful side effect of obscuring the crayon on the walls, the counter full of dirty dishes and the mounds of laundry. Bonus: energy savings are extremely sexy.

Utilize the spare pack-n-play life hack for stashing all the unfolded laundry in your bedroom. “Laundry-free beds are beautiful”, says a recent poll of everyone.


Order dinner in. And by that I mean, find something you can order online and then send your husband out in the swagger wagon to fetch it for you. (Use the money you saved on delivery to buy a pizza tomorrow when you’ll realize it’s back to reality and you didn’t do any of your normal chores yesterday and still can’t locate the kitchen sink. Pizza will save you all from the hangry.)

While he’s picking up dinner, pick your mood music. Casper Babypants is now your default on pandora, make sure you’ve switched it over to something a bit more inspiring before you settle in. Sinatra, anyone?

Lay down a quilt (to cover the crumbs) and eat on the living room floor. (The less time you spend in the messy kitchen, the better.) This is called a picnic and it’s romantic.

Go ahead, fill up your glasses with your primo top-of-the-fridge boxed wine. It’s time to celebrate love!


Word to the wise: don’t go too crazy with the wine unless your ideal date night involves falling asleep on the couch at 8pm while watching the x-files.

Probably don’t choose the x-files as your valentines day snuggle-on-the-couch flick.

Seriously, why would you do that?

No no no. Resist the urge to argue. Quick, dessert dessert!

Dig into whatever sort of chocolate deliciousness you’ve been hiding from the children all week.

Exchange the cards you’ve left lying in plain sight on the kitchen table since you went grocery shopping on Wednesday. Practice your surprised “aww, you remembered!” face beforehand so you’re prepared.

Fall in love all over again as you read how much your partner loves you and reflect on what a great team you make together. It’s true, you are a great team and you work really hard raising your little humans.

But, there’s more to you than just your parental role. Tonight is about celebrating your love. Perhaps it’s time to slip into something a little more comfortable and let the music sweep you away?


I’m sure you can take it from here, Happy Valentines Day!



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