We lost our first little one at just 8 weeks. 8 short weeks is plenty of time for a little person to plant herself deep in your soul, and while the demands of motherhood and the chaos of life push us ever forward and away from those days we had with her, it was our Selah that launched us into parenthood and we are forever changed by her presence in our lives.

I am passionate about sharing the stories of miscarriage and stillbirth and the grief and emptiness and heartache that our children leave in their absence. I would be honored to hear your story, to help you sort through it and find a way to share it (if that might bring some healing and hope for you). I also love the work of the 4th Trimester Bodies Project, she honors mothers who have had to say goodbye to their babies in the most beautiful way.


claiming resurrection 

a poem for our selah

4 and 17 months

2 years: carrying lost hearts

3 years: selah, like water

4 years: selah, star child